★★★★★ | 03/12/2018

I am a very satisfied customer. A-1 Quality Painting did an outstanding job on the exterior of my home. The owner Rodney was very upfront very businesslike and yet very friendly. I have and will continue to recommend A-1 Quality Painting. Jeff. D

Review by Jeffrey Durham in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ | 03/03/2018

Professional, prompt, and the project was done in a timely manner.

Review by Jessica Digiacomo in Rancho Cordova, CA

★★★★★ | 01/24/2018

Great customer service and quality work at a very reasonable cost.

Review by Alireza Forouzandeh in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ | 12/03/2017

The owner of A1 Quality Painting Rodney is very professional and kind. He called me the second day and was willing to work with my schedule which was to meet the next morning before I go to work. He called me when he was lates because of trafffic which I consider very nice. After we agreed upon the quote he was efficiently power washed the exterior and got the paint ready the same day. He and his staff finished the job the next day - to my amazement! When I pointed out touch ups and changed my idea on the color, he was understanding and wanted to make sure customer is happy. Throughout pro request to job finish, I feel Rodney is a good listener, an effective professional and gets the job done at incredible pricing! I wish every pro with Home Depot is like Rodney! He really deserves five star! I would definitely recommend Rodney to my friends, and will work with him for future projects.

Review by Jenny Guo in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ | 10/13/2017

Rodney responded to my request quickly. He and his team arrived early in the morning as scheduled, and got the job done with high quality in half a day. Highly recommended. --Charles

Review by Charles Cai in Mather,CA, CA

★★★★★ | 10/07/2017

Sam did a great job, very professional. He went above and beyond and was very reasonable. Highly recommend Sam and A1 Quality painting.

Review by Christina Byard in Rocklin, CA

★★★★★ | 06/07/2017

They were wonderful. They arrived on time and professionally prepped and painted both the inside and outside of my home. I would highly recommend them.

Review by Shawn Kaiser in Roseville, CA

★★★★★ | 06/06/2017

I am very pleased with the job that Rodney and his crew did for me. My house looks beautiful! They showed up on time and did the job very quickly. I would recommend him to my neighbors and friends.

Review by Betty Faciane in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ | 05/23/2017

Rodney is wonderful!!! My house paint looks great and they showed up promptly and finished early - I left for work around 7 a.m. and by 2:00 pm they completed the work - so house was painted and clean up done in record time!!!

Review by Loretta Ellis in Rio Linda, CA

★★★★★ | 01/25/2017

They did some touchup work for water damage on my interior. They did a great job. The price was good and they were excellent to work with. I plan to use them on the exterior of my house next month.

Review by Ed Kornegay in Rocklin, CA

★★★★★ | 01/08/2017

Rodney and his team (Sam) did an outstanding job painting our home. They responded very quickly to our request for a quote; showed up on time, completed the job ahead of schedule, did a perfect job and cleaned up when they finished. Their price was the industry standard and well worth the money. I would recommend A-1 Quality Painting to anyone.

Review by Robert Lee in Folsom, CA

★★★★★ | 08/19/2016

It was such an awesome and professional experience. I would hire them again for my other home projects.

Review by Angela Zirnoon in Rocklin, CA

★★★★★ | 02/05/2016

Wow, I got a great price and the job completed in the time frame we needed. What a blessing finding this company. I would highly recommend this company to paint your home or commercial building.

Review by Juneko Whitcher in Citrus Heights, CA

★★★★ | 11/23/2015

Prompt and completed work as promised

Review by Jason Christian in Fair Oaks, CA

★★★★★ | 08/13/2015

I loved how he kept in touch to confirm appointment. He was on time and did a wonderful job. Would hire and recommend to all my friends.

Review by Kim Knight in Folsom, CA

★★★★★ | 06/26/2015

Hello:I liked A1 painting. Rodney was prompt and arrived on time as promised. The paint job was completed in a short time and his attention to detail was more than expected. He cleaned up nicely and I am very pleased. I would definitely use A1 painting again for another paint job.Jim

Review by Jim Wales, Folsom, CA

★★ | 04/10/2015

Rodney was very attentive during my decision making process and then completed the job. However that is where it ENDs. He took ALL the left over paint that I had paid extra for because I wanted a higher grade of paint so I was willing to do this. then I noticed that the paint on the garage door stuck to the trim paint so when I opened the door it peeled away. I called Rodney to see if he could stop off a cup of paint THAT I PAID FOR so that I could do the touch up and NOTHING… I guess the sane “you get what you pay for” is true.

Review by Lynette Logan in Rancho Cordova, CA

★★★★★ | 01/23/2015

Great paint job inside and out!!! Will definitely hire again for another project!

Review by Matt Recore in Orangevale, CA

★★★★★ | 10/14/2014

A-1painting did a fantastic job painting our home. Rodney was on time, efficient, a tidy worker and a pleasure to work with. We would use A-1 Painting again!

Review by Barbara & Greg Sandin in Granite Bay, CA

★★★★★ | 06/05/2014

I am a new first time homeowner and the official pest inspector suggested that one of the first things I should do with my home was preserve the wood by painting the exterior of the house with a good quality paint and I decided to take his advice and take my first “dip” into www.redbeacon.com. Rodney Moyer was one of the first people I contacted and because our schedules conflicted, he agreed to go and check out the exterior of my home while I was at work and give me an estimate by phone, so I agreed to that. He called me and gave me an estimate. I didn’t hire him immediately, because my friend’s husband who is also a contractor said that his rule of thumb is to get 3 estimates and pick the one with the price in the middle, so I decided to take his advice. I found a few other contractors to come and give me an estimate and one that came to my house gave me a super low quote to paint the exterior and interior of my home, so I decided to go ahead and use him, but I’d have to wait about 2 weeks until he was available to do the work. A couple other contractors came by to give me estimates and they said there is no way they would go as low as the contractor with the lowest bid, because they wouldn’t make any money. Rodney, however, didn’t have that attitude. He called me to see if I had decided on a contractor to paint the exterior of my home and I said I already found one that was less expensive than he was and he was going to paint the exterior as well as the interior. Rodney pointed out that I hadn’t give him an opportunity to see the interior of the house to give a bid on a total package. I told him what the other contractors said about not making money and that did not scare Rodney off…he still wanted to take a look at my home. I must admit that I admired Rodney’s tenacity, so I invited him to give me an estimate know. He showed up that afternoon prepared with color selections, we walked through the house and he asked me what I wanted to do, what colors, etc. He also gave suggestions on options to save money such as using recycled paint, maybe using some colors that he already had in stock, etc. to cut cost. I told him that the house had recently been painted all white inside, but I didn’t want to keep it all white, but I wanted to keep the ceilings as is, but add color to the walls and trims. I gave him 2 brands that I wanted to choose from for the exterior paint. I really appreciated the way he used his many years of experience to suggest colors that complimented what I chose and that he was bold enough to tell me why certain choices that I had might not work well together. What he said made a lot of sense and I could tell that he knew what he was doing and he had a lot of confidence in his work. He calculated everything in his mind and told him that he could do the job for $150 more than the low quote the original contractor, but could start the job within the next few days. We shook on it and oh boy am I glad that I did. He started taping off as soon as I agreed to use his services and he was QUICK! On the day that he arrived with his crew to paint, he transformed my home from drabby to awesome inside and out in only ONE day!!! That is correct, he was able to complete the job in ONE day! And OMG…the place looked 100% more alive and beautiful. I was so excited about the work that I immediately contactor my Realtor Barbara Dow from Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento (who is an awesome realtor) to come on by and see the house’s transformation. She was so impressed with the work and the price that she asked me for Rodney’s number. The realtor who is selling the property that I am moving from also wanted Rodney’s number! I want to scream from the housetops to tell EVERYONE that Rodney & A1 Quality is awesome! Another thing that I loved about Rodney is that days later, I noticed that the trim in my bathroom was painted the same color as my wall, but I wanted it to be white. He was apologetic and scheduled to come by at my convenience to fix that and another little smudge that I found. He was extremely polite, good-natured, efficient, practical, on-time, experienced and confident in his work. I am so glad that he was persistent and that I hired him for the job. He also made sure to leave me a reserve of each color for any touch up needed after moving in my furniture or after. I can’t say enough good things about Rodney and I have had nothing but rave reviews about his work. I don’t understand why all previous reviewers didn’t rate him 5 out of 5, because he performed a miracle at my home. The only thing I could think of was that maybe Rodney made the job seem too easy, because he is so good at it!!! I will ALWAYS recommend my friends, co-workers, acquaintances to Rodney when they ask for a good painter. He also sent me before and after pictures that I hoped to post here, but apparently I can’t. He’s awesome and so is his crew.

Review by Rose Hall in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ | 01/31/2014


Review by Sharon J Zuccaro in Sacramento, CA

★★★★★ | 11/11/2017

When Rodney dropped off his business card after giving me a quote, I saw the slogan, "We turn yucks into WOW's". I was skeptical. My new house was a pretty big yuck. I had just purchased an older home with dingy, dirty walls and tons of nooks and crannies, original cabinets from 1951 that looked like they had not been cleaned since then! The crew showed up at 7am and by the time I got home from work the place was finished. I was amazed. I will be having A-1 back to paint my exterior in the spring.

Review by Jennifer J.

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 10/02/2017

On time, and did their job in a timely manner, but didn't do any scraping or caulking.

Review by Tina C.

Project: Paint or Stain Single Items

★★★★★ | 10/07/2017

Sam did a great job, very professional. He went above and beyond and was very reasonable. Highly recommend Sam and A1 Quality painting.

Review by Kiki P.

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 10/30/2017

I had three bids to paint the entire exterior of my house. A1's bid was was the best of the three. A1 did an excellent job painting the house for the price I paid.

Review by Jerry L.

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 08/22/2017

GREAT EXPERIENCE! They came out right away and gave an estimate on the spot, then showed up a couple of days later to get the job done. One morning they pressure washed, and the next morning they painted the entire house including trim BEFORE NOON! They did a great job and at a reasonable price. I definitely have them on my list of preferred contractors and will use them in the future for painting needs for my properties.

Review by Sheila M.

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 06-28-2017

Very professional. Arrived on agreed time, started promptly and finished painting the entire exterior of our 2 story home. Did a very good job.

Review by Shirley M. in Antelope, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 06-01-2017

Rodney was great to work with, and very flexible with working around my crazy schedule. The work of A1 Quality painting is the definition of excellence from start to finish. I will definitely hire them again. With competitive pricing and amazing skill Rodney and his team took care of prepping and painting my home, I hardly had to be involved. Everything came out way above expectation.

Review by John O. in Citrus Heights, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 05-08-2017

Very Professional and had a lot of experience.

Review by Susan B. in Roseville, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 03-11-2017

Rodney and team showed up on time ready to work. Rodney and team did a wonderful job. I was very pleased with the exterior of my house, It looked like a new house. Rodney's prices are great. Very pleasant to talk with. I plan to use him again for another future project.

Review by Carolyn J. in Antelope, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 03-10-2017

I had 5 bidders on my project and Rodney was the lowest bidder;.they completed the painting work in much lesser time than that was estimated. There were some small areas that needed be touched up and some paint scrapings to be cleaned up but over all , they are experienced painters.

Review by Tony M. in Rancho Cordova, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 01-20-2017

Very easy to work with, good prices and was in and out and done with the job.

Review by Richard J.

Project: Paint or Stain Interior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 10-06-2016

Our 1700 sq ft home was painted excellently in 7 hrs. Rodney Moyer is professional and mild mannered. He's not pushy or critical.

Review by Tom B. in Sacramento, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 09-23-2016

I'm very pleased with the work done.

Review by a homeowner in Rancho Cordova, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★★ | 05-04-2016

Rodney did an excellent job of doing my deck, railings and gazebo with a solid color stain and sealer. His price was very reasonable and would hire him again.

Review by Virginia F. in Carmichael, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces

★★★★ | 11-16-2015

Great job by Rodney. Would hire him again for any painting job I have in the future. His price was very reasonable.

Review by Kim O. in Fair Oaks, CA

Project: Paint or Stain Exterior Surfaces